About Our Team

Welcome to ClinDesk

We're a group of senior medical students and resident physicians who are passionate about opening up the private world of medical knowledge and education.

Our mission is simple: to lead the transition of medical education from a proprietary to an “open” process. Current medical education is broken, and far too few people have access to medical knowledge.

Through ClinDesk, Inc., a non-profit corporation, we hope to spawn many Creative Commons-licensed works and expand the accessibility of medical resources. If you share our vision, and you're interested in helping to open the closed state of medical education, please get in touch.

You can find some of our advocacy in the New England Journal of Medicine piece: A Century after Flexner, the Next Step is Open

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Nick Semenkovich
Founder & President

Nick hails from M.I.T. with two degrees in "Course 6" (Electrical Engineering and Computer science) and Course 7 (Biology). He's currently an MD/PhD student in the lab of Dr. Jeffrey Gordon.

Aaron Mintz
Chief Operations Officer

Aaron spent his undergrad years at Stanford where he studied Symbolic Systems. He is currently a medicine resident. Aaron is also working on a health care startup.

Leo Shmuylovich
Chief Technology Officer

Leo is an MD/PhD student at Washington University, and recently sold his startup (Virtual Nerd) to Pearson Education. Leo completed his PhD in Dr. Sándor Kovác's laboratory.

David Germain
CFO & Visionary

David spent his undergrad at Stanford and is currently an MD/PhD student in the lab of Dr. Tim Ley, focused on epigenetic regulatory mechanisms of AML.

At ClinDesk and White Coat Academy, we try to be as transparent as possible with our finances and governance (in the hopes that you'll donate to help keep us going!).

You can see some of our documents listed in the above tabs. Over the next year, we'll expand these listings as we grow.

Some documents — such as the IRS 990 — won't be available until the next fiscal year, since we're just geting off the ground.

We are a non-profit corporation, incorporated in the State of Missouri. You can access our corporate documents through the Secretary of State's Business Services site.

Our federal filings for tax-exempt status are currently pending. We will update this site with documents when we know more!

If you need our EIN (or other data, such as our DUNS number), please e-mail us at legal@clindesk.org.
We make an effort to publicize our bylaws, conflict of interest policy, and other documents regarding our corporate governance.

  • Corporate Bylaws (Coming soon)
  • Conflict of Interest Policy (Coming soon)
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property (Coming soon)